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Nathalie Nelson Parker

Program Coordinator
National Network of Young Adults

Nathalie Nelson Parker is dedicated to servicing Youth and Young Adults within marginalized communities. She has provided leadership for many community initiatives, which includes international missions in Jamaica, Bahamas, Canada and London. She obtains an entrepreneurial spirit, spearheading ministries such as the Young Adult Ministry at the Allgood Road Church in Stone Mountain GA, President of the Gammon Theological Seminary’s Student Fellowship 2014-2015, and as the Children and Youth Director of the Red Oak United Methodist Church in Stockbridge, GA where the ministry grew phenomenally under her leadership.

Nathalie is committed to promoting Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). While working as the Assistant to the Dean for Student Services and Special Projects at Gammon Theological Seminary, she had the privilege to lead a cohort of students, which through mentoring, support, and a summer colloquial partnered scholars with local congregations and agencies throughout their first year as graduate students. This program essentially, created a pipeline from United Methodist Affiliate HBCU undergraduate institutions to Gammon Theological Seminary. Nathalie is also the 2015-2016 HBCU All-Star, and listed as Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. She is also a member of Theta Phi, international honors society for theological studies.

Currently, Nathalie serves as the very first National Program Coordinator of the National Network of Young Adults for Strengthening the Black Church for the Twenty-First Century, an agency of the United Methodist Church through Discipleship Ministries. As a natural trailblazer, Nathalie will identify, train, and build relationships with one hundred disciplined young adult leaders from various walks of life, willing to explore their call and impact positive change throughout the United Methodist Church. Nathalie is excited to combine her love for ministry and education. She states, “In light of recent deaths and violence in our nation, I am convinced that the church and institutions of higher education are essential pillars within our communities. Organizing with HBCU campus ministries will be a key component of building an organic pipeline and partnership among local congregations, colleges, and the church to further support and engage young adults nationally.”

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