Black Church Matters

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What is the All-In Voting Fast?

Voting is a personal right, but it is also a communal & sacred responsibility of which the Black Church has been on the frontline for generations.  So on Oct 26-Nov 3 we are going ALL IN for a 7 Day Voting Fast. The fast is from 7:14a-7:14p.7:14 represents 2 Chronicles 7:14

As our nation continues to navigate between two pandemics – the invisible virus of COVID-19 and the visible virus of RACISM the upcoming general election represents a sense of urgency like never before.

SBC21 is committed to going ALL IN to ensure that the sacrifice and struggle of our Elders is not in vain. So it’s time to PRAY, FAST and go ALL IN andVote!

Remember our Vote is our Voice!  Let us know if you are All-In by signing up for the Black Church Matters 7-Day All-In VOTING effort. 

When is the 7-Day ALL-IN Fast? 

The Fast begins October 26 and ends November 3.  We will not fast on Saturday and Sunday. 

What are the fasting times?

The Fasting Times are daily, 7:14 am – 7:14pm.  These designated times are derived from 2 Chronicles 7:14. 

**If you are not able to fast from food, please consider fasting from social media or some other form of sacrifice. 

How Do I Sign Up?

It’s simple.  We just want to capture your commitment to becoming a 100% Voting Congregation.  Just by signing up, we will know how we can celebrate with you and your congregation during this season. 

Also, after making the commitment, I want you to join us for a 7-day Voting Matters Prayer.  I am thankful that we have Clergy from across the connection who will be leading prayer for 7 days. 

Prayer Ambassadors, Scripture Reference

Mon Oct 26
Prayer Theme:  Peace
Scripture:  Jeremiah 29:7
Prayer Ambassador:  Rev. Dr. Rudy Rasmus

Tues Oct 27
Prayer Theme:  Justice
Scripture:  Amos 5:24
Prayer Ambassador:  Rev. Adrienne Zachary

Wed Oct 28
Prayer Theme:  Equity
Scripture:  Luke 4:18-19
Prayer Ambassador:  Rev. Dr. Emanuel Cleaver III

Thur. Oct 29
Prayer Theme:  Protection
Scripture:  Psalm 91
Prayer Ambassador:  Rev. Dr. Ron Bell

Fri Oct 30
Prayer Theme:  Wisdom & Guidance
Scripture:  Proverbs 11:14
Prayer Ambassador:  Rev. Dr. Lucretia Facen

Sat & Sun Read 2 Chronicles 7:14, Pray at 7:14a & 7:14p
Mon Nov 2
Prayer Theme:  Persistence
Scripture:  Luke 18:1-8
Prayer Ambassador:  Rev. Deborah Bell

Tues Nov 3
Prayer Theme:  Unity
Scripture:  John 17:20-26
Prayer Ambassador:  Rev. Richie Butler