Strengthening the
Black Church for the 21st Century —Together

The United Methodist Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st Century (known as SBC21) addresses the unique needs of the Black church, its leaders and communities.  For more than 25 years, we have been resilient and receptive in our work to over 2,000 congregations, thousands of pastors, leaders and laity.   

We listen to these leaders and are consistently developing cutting-edge and right-side resources and transformational learning models to empower annual conferences, congregations, and communities to share the gifts of vitality to enhance church growth and development. 

Our mission field is vast, and the work is necessary.  SBC21 invites you to invest in our work to help further the mission of making disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Your investment and support will allow us to continue this vital work to develop our lay and clergy leaders with new skills; engage in ministry with the poor; decrease mass incarceration; and to effectively identify, support and mentor young adult Black clergy and leaders who are discerning their call to ministry. 

Invest now in the transformative work of SBC21. Your tax-deductible gift goes directly to our work of strengthening congregations to transform communities. 

Thank you for your support, generosity, and partnership.

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