A Message from our Director

The theme of partnership and collaboration is a clarion call to The United Methodist Church as to how we must carry the adventure and celebration of the future of God into our preaching, discipleship, evangelism, leadership development and into our very own lifestyles. There is absolutely no way we can begin incarnating the future intentions of God into our everyday lives alone. Our only hope to realize transformation and significant change is to become a part of a Christian movement and a community of loving relationships. Only as we commit our lives to other brothers and sisters who share our sense of seriousness for the mission of God can we become different or make a difference.

If together we can recover a vision of the future of God and realize how God would use young adults and the Black Church to manifest that future; if we can incarnate the celebrative future of God in our lives and communities of faith; if we can initiate a renaissance of Christian creativity and imagine wholly new ways to compassionately respond to tomorrow’s challenges, God will make a greater difference through our churches and our lives than we can imagine.
As I close let me leave you with one question to ponder: Based on your knowledge of the neighborhood around your church, what predictions can you make for the next five years (i.e. property values, change in racial mix, increase in the number of seniors, children, youth, young adults and single parent families)? What specific implications do these changes have for your church in planning future programs and ministries?


Strategies to grow


Dr. Fred A. Allen SBC21
National Director


Strengthening The Black Church
For The Twenty-First Century