About the SBC21 Prison Ministry and Social Justice Program

The SBC21 National Prison Summit on Mass Incarceration is identifying and providing transformative training, awareness and resource services to appropriate the passionate and transformative ideas of John Wesley’s prison ministry and reform programs to annual conferences and communities across the Country.  Our goal is to equip and encourage congregations with fundamental strategies on how to reach and engage persons who have been impacted by incarceration.

Did You Know?

Did you know there is a direct correlation to poverty, mis-education and mass incarceration of people of color.  The United States leads the world in prison population but thousands are return home daily to communities all across the country.

We Can Assist

Allow SBC21 to assist you with engaging ministries and resource development to allow you to disciple families and children impacted by incarceration.

Find Out How

Contact the National Office of SBC21 to share ways on how you can equip your church to be a place of healing, hope, and learning so that we can eradicate the grind of mass incarceration.