About SBC21

SBC21 works directly with United Methodist Annual Conferences, local churches, and ministries providing a variety of services. We connect local churches with collaborative networks of master trainers, seasoned coaches, congregational resource centers and experts in leadership development and ministry development.

Changing times, shifting communities, and new technologies often demand more from local congregations. Ministry needs are growing! Churches are finding the need to gain new skills, try new approaches and connect with others in collaborative and innovative ways.

Training and Measuring Tools

SBC21 provides the following tools to assist churches in staying relevant and vibrant:

  • Problem-solving opportunities needing expert facilitation to achieve resolution
  • Visioning and Strategic Planning
  • Facilitation/Consultation required for deep change and transition
  • Custom designed training programs delivered on a service/covenant/agreement that addresses clergy and lay leadership needs serving in a black or multi-racial church. Topics can range from diversity sensitivity training, leadership development, new ministry development, to training on specific skills or technologies.
  • Trained professional coaches can be deployed to work with clergy and Laity leadership teams.

These tools and services are tailored made to the desired outcomes of the Partner Congregations and or Annual Conference SBC21 Leadership Design Team.

Churches qualify if the congregation demonstrates a willingness to change, be open, and are eager to devote time and resources to develop into a vital missional church with proven effectiveness in making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Interested Annual Conferences or Clergy should contact the National Office to learn more about our services.