SBC21 and NNYA Presents Transformation Virtual College Tour

NASHVILLE, August 28, 2020 /SBC21/ – World Renown Motivational Speaker,
Author and Transformation Guru Eric Thomas, PhD will keynote the Annual National
Network of Young Adults Leading in Transformation (LIT) conference starting
September 10th. The Strengthening Black Church for the 21st Century(SBC21) has
reimagined one of the denominations most impactful young adult gatherings and will
present The Transformation Virtual College Tour, offering 5 stops along the way,
September 10, 11, 17, 24 and 25th.

Organizers say The Transformation Virtual College Tour is an idea and concept
that will reach young adults beyond the college campus, engaging every jurisdiction.
Dr. Michael L. Bowie, Jr. National Executive Director for Strengthening the Black
Church for the 21st Century says, “Like most gatherings in 2020, we are being
creative, innovative and out of the box! “This virtual experience will hold true to its
purpose – to inspire, teach and create an atmosphere for young adults to discern
their call and to equip them for leadership, said Dr. Bowie. “What I am most excited
about is our goal for this content and inspiration to reach young adult clergy, leaders
and lay from across the connection,” he said.

Nathalie Nelson Parker, NNYA Program Coordinator says young adults can expect
the presence of more than 100 leaders each stop, endless networking, community
building. A recipe for a LIT Experience, she explained. “In light of recent deaths and
the vitriolic speech surrounding racial equity, we are committed more than ever to
engage young adults and make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of
this world.”

The LIT events have been known to attract leaders who connect with the church and
culture in creative ways. “Dr. Thomas works with leading organizations like Nike, NFL,
and schools and colleges across the country and I believe is the empowering leader we
need to make a deposit into the next generation of UMC young adults, said Nelson
Parker. “This is the time for creativity; this is the time for leaders to be more creative
than we ever been before; this is the time for the church to be the church, and this is the
time for a change,” explained Dr. Thomas.

VIP registration for SBC21 Partners for a limited time is just $35 to attend all
virtual stops. Register today at For more information about
virtual vending, recruiting, or sponsorship opportunities, contact Nathalie Nelson Parker


The National Network of Young Adults is a program of Strengthening the Black
Church for the 21st Century. Its’ mission is to recruit, train, and resource African
American and racially diverse young adults (ages18-35) as they hear, discern, and
respond to God’s call upon their lives. By connecting young adults to a greater network
of other transformational young leaders, campus ministers, mentors, and partners, we
build an ecosystem of support to serve within and beyond the UMC.


Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st Century is a National Racial Ethnic Plan of
the United Methodist Church. We are dedicated to helping predominately black
congregations become effective and fruitful in mission and ministry. This is done by
offering specific services to collaborating churches based on needs identified by Annual
Conference Bishops, Cabinets, local congregations, clergy, and laity.

Our SBC21 partner churches receive relevant tools, coaching, training, strategic
planning, hope, inspiration, and encouragement to go forward with fresh vision. Our
core programs are the National Network for Young Adults, National Prison and Social
Justice Ministry and the Collaborative Coaching and Training Network.