A Reflection By Bishop Keaton

NOW that we’ve heard about old reports from the Army Corps of Engineers concluding that levees surrounding New Orleans could barely withstand a Category 3 hurricane unlike Category 4 Katrina, but politics stymied complete restoration and improvements;

NOW that we’ve learned how insensitive FEMA and other U.S. officials were, who waited up to 72 hours to address one of America’s greatest natural disasters before scalding criticism shook them from their lethargy;

NOW that we’ve scolded the poor and the destitute for not leaving low lying areas along the Gulf Coast of Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana when they had no mode of transportation and the first law of nature was in full swing;

NOW that we’ve labeled American Citizens victimized by Katrina as looters, evacuees, refugees, hoi polloi, poor folk, mentally deficient, and other negative stereotypes;

NOW that we’ve heard horror stories of the Superdome becoming a Super field of dread with depression, disease, despair and death as its star players;

NOW that the dead floating in contaminated water have been suddenly become objects of media respect a fortnight after Katrina’s advent;

NOW that the deadly force of Hurricane Katrina once more exposes the myth that America is the world’s only superpower (that little belongs to God alone);

Let the compassionate spirit of the Good Samaritan in every American supersede armchair critiques and finger pointing so that levees are rebuilt, the cities drained, the land cleared; the homeless sheltered, the hungry fed, the naked clothed, the stranger welcomed, the sick healed, the separated united and the dead buried.

May it be so as we pray daily, give much, and do all we can to assist survivors of Katrina entering our communities across the nation!!!

-- Bishop Jonathan D. Keaton


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