(Helping those affected by Hurricane Katrina)
On February 8th, SBC21 Disaster Task Force under the leadership of Curtis Henderson, SBC21 Disaster Task Force Chair, formed a team to work with the Louisiana Disaster Recovery Ministry in having a mission day to assist with those affected by Hurricane Katrina. This mission day was prior to the meeting of the SBC21 Coordinating Committee Meeting held in New Orleans. The SBC21 Disaster Ministry Team stayed at the St. Mark Community Center in New Orleans, LA, and participated in a day of mission work. SBC21 assisted 2 families both with the last name of Thomas in removing furniture and debris in preparation for renovation. Following are pictures of the SBC21 Mission Team in action. There is still much work to be done in the areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina.
Bishop Jonathan Keaton sharing concerns with Louisiana Disaster Recovery Ministry.
Coach Jeff Parker, St. Mark Community Center
Dr. Fred Allen, Publishing House
Cheryl Stevenson and Curtis Henderson hanging precious clothing as Carnell Scott looks on
Bishop Keaton & Linda Crowell taking a mini break from hard work
Benita Rollins
Bishop Keaton sharing a smile!
Rev. LLC Hammond
Linda Crowell sharing some sunshine
texte hereBenita Rollins
Bishop Keaton & Linda Crowell taking a mini break from hard work
Joanne Finley, Volunteer House Manager, St. Mark’s Station & Coach Jeff Parker




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