2008-2012 BUDGET

It is recommended that The General Conference of The United Methodist Church approve the following budget of Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st Century for the 2009–2012 quadrennium:

Congregation Resource Centers (CRCs) $346,625
a. Sustain up to 25 CRCs
b. Train Lay/Clergy Teams (i.e. CRC Summits)
c. Teams of CRCs will travel to Partner Congregation sites
Partner Congregations (PCs) $558,625
a. Sustain Partner Churches/New Partner Churches
b. 1st Experience: 100% of expenses covered
c. 2nd Experience: 75% of expenses covered
d. 3rd Experience: 50 % of expenses covered
Faith Partners Model of Ministry $50,000
a. Identification & Recruitment of Isolated Black Churches

Coaching Model of Ministry $62,750

a. Partner Churches: Site Visits/Traveling CRC
b. Under gird, Support, Resource New African American Congregations
African and American Partnerships/Collaboration $60,750
  Build relationships with congregations of African,  Descent in Latin America, the Caribbean & North America
Youth/Young Adult Models $90,772
  Strengthen this age group in the life and work of PCs
Website Interactions $81,750
  Train, mentor and strengthen covenant partnerships between CRCs and PCs
Staff Salaries $214,880
Benefits $36,928
Meeting & Travel Expenses $17,710
Office Expenses $42,800
Staff Salaries $261,808
Benefits $81,648
Meeting & Travel Expenses $187,390
Office Expenses  $19,200
Office Space $52,364
Evaluation/Data Analysis/Communications $60,000



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